Magnetic Levitation in the News

Building A Magnetic Levitating Quadcopter
From the patent, we’re able to glean a few details of how this hoverboard/magnetic levitation device works, and in our post on the initial coverage, we said we’d be giving away some goodies to ... continued..
Magnetic levitation breakthrough unlocks gravity-free technology
Magnetic levitation technology takes an innovative leap forward with researchers at the Quantum Machines Unit of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) pushing the boundaries of ... continued..
Building A Levitating Turbine Desk Toy
Magnetic levitation is a beautiful thing to watch. Seeing small objects wobble about while seemingly hovering in thin air never gets old. If you want something suitably distracting in this vein ... continued..
The insane plan to build massive new £15 trillion tunnel between London and New York
A recent 'thought experiment' suggests a tunnel linking London and New York could work- for the price of £15 trillion. continued..
10 Intriguing Insights into High-Speed Bullet Trains
High-speed bullet trains have transformed the way we think about travel, offering an efficient, comfortable, and sustainable alternative to traditional transportation methods. These marvels of modern ... continued..
Magnetic Levitation - the Future of Rail Travel?
Magnetic Levitation Transport, or maglev, is a revolutionary form of railway transport. It uses magnetic forces to make the vehicles hover above the track rather than running along them ... continued..
Maglev line starting date still up in the air as costs keep rising
The much-ballyhooed magnetic levitation train line project linking Tokyo with Nagoya has been stuck in limbo since Shizuoka Prefecture refused to allow construction for what could be one of the ... continued..
Chinese researchers uncover new high-temperature superconductor
Superconductors are materials that exhibit zero electrical resistance and diamagnetism under specific temperature ... continued..
Vertical cities in the age of hyper-urbanization
More than half of the world’s total population live in cities. The UN Report on World Urbanization estimates that by 2050, another 2.5 billion will live in cities and 90 percent of this increase ... continued..
BiVACOR wins IDE to start first-in-human study for artificial heart
The first-in-human study will evaluate the safety and feasibility of the total artificial heart to bridge the time to a heart transplant. continued..
General Atomics
transportation solutions comprise magnetic levitation (maglev) systems, including urban maglev systems, electromagnetic cargo conveyors, and high-speed maglev systems as well as linear motor ... continued..
Republican lawmakers, governor would make appointments to new Charlotte transit authority, bill says
Republican lawmakers and the governor would appoint board members to help make decisions on managing Charlotte’s buses, light rail and streetcar, according to a draft of a bill that would create a new ... continued..

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