Magnetic Levitation in the News

Case closed on mystery of why a spinning magnet can levitate other magnets
When a permanent ‘rotor’ magnet was rotated at around 200Hz perpendicular to its north–south axis, another magnet, nicknamed the ‘floater’, could levitate above it, spinning synchronously with the ... continued..
New type of magnetic levitation makes its debut
(Courtesy: R Bjørk) Magnetic levitation is already employed in systems such as Maglev trains, flywheels and high-speed machinery. Now researchers at the Technical University of Denmark have given this ... continued..
Solved: How a spinning magnet cause other magnets to levitate
Magnetic levitation demonstrated using a Dremel tool spinning a magnet at 266 Hz. The rotor magnet is 7x7x7 mm3 and the floater magnet is 6x6x6 mm3. This video show the physics described in the ... continued..
Concept to Actively Shape the Surfaces of Materials with Nanometer Precision
For instance, stick-slip effects within the system are eliminated, with performance and precision reliant solely on the sensors and control electronics. Integration of advanced nanopositioning sensors ... continued..
Nanopositioning Motion System Based On Magnetic Levitation
Magnetic levitation nanopositioning stage with 6DOF control. Video Credit: PI (Physik Instrumente) LP The core concept of magnetic levitation is the repulsion between similar magnetic poles. The basic ... continued..
‘Train of the future’ sends passengers darting between countries in minutes at 700mph
The pioneering shuttle, called the Hyperloop, is made up of high-speed pods that whizz at remarkable speeds through a pressurised tube. continued..
Traveler shares ‘unbelievable’ experience aboard high-speed train: ‘We are so far behind in infrastructure’
It's unbelievable to me the USA doesn't have something like this." Traveler shares ‘unbelievable’ experience aboard high-speed train: ‘We are so far behind in infrastructure’ first appeared on The ... continued..
Berlin announces plans for a sustainable magnetic levitation train. How will it work?
Berlin is getting ready to welcome a futuristic ‘magnetic levitation train’. The German capital plans to build a five-to-seven kilometre test track for the green transportation project ... continued..
Berlin to test out 'magnetic' monorail line
The city of Berlin plans to trial a 'magnetic levitation train' as part of a bid to expand climate friendly transport. continued..

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